COL DU GALIBIER (Col du Télégraphe)

45.4803° N, 7.1421° E

The world’s best cycling climb? well, that is subjective, but we are positive that the Colle Del Nivolet cycling climb is the best in the world.



1564m 1005m 10.5%
ELEVATION CLIMBED Average gradient

The first 8 or so kilometres are not too steep, gently breaking you into the climb. Through the village of Gomagoi until you get to the first set of switchbacks. A stunning start! The beginning of what is to come.

The area around the Stelvio National park full of farmlands and lush green pastures. 

Past Trafoi you become surrounded by trees and an intoxicating smell. You are now firmly in the business end of the climb, with the gradients increasing.

The view from above the Trafoi switchbacks.

18 kilometres in you get your first view of the face of the Stelvio Pass. It is a daunting but exciting one, with over 600 vertical meters to go. Half of climbing up Alpe d’Huez.


Be sure to look behind you as the views from the Berghotel are equally epic.

Corner 11 – The most iconic corner of the Stelvio Pass.

Built by hand, and with love and engineered by Carlo Donegani who built many other high passes such as Passo Spluga (Spluggenpass)


Some of the most impressive switchbacks / hairpins ever built. The perfect slingshot for the descent too.

One final hairpin bend to take you to Alpe d’Huez village


 Openly declared as the most famous climb in cycling when you ride and finish Alpe d’Huez you can close your eyes; imagine the battles and the hurt which has been inflicted on this climb. Likely to yourself too.

There are more beautiful, more epic and definitely harder climbs out there, but Alpe d’Huez is a pilgrimage which as a cyclist you must do. 


This road is only open from May to October and early/late season is not guaranteed.

From Prato Allo the Stelvio Pass has 48 hairpin bends / 48 switchbacks

There are three ways up the Stelvio: from Prato allo Stelvio, from Bormio and from Santa Maria/the Umbrail Pass in Switzerland.

The Stelvio pass from both sides would be considered a steep climb and from both side you have to ascend more than 1500m.

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The best time to visit would in May/Early June or September. During peak summer months the pass does get very busy. However if you can start early to arrive at the summit before 8AM it will be much quieter.

From all sides the Stelvio Pass is a big climb. We recommend that you have a compact front chainset (50/34) and 11-34 cassette on the rear.




The Stelvio Pass needs no introduction. A legend, and the most famous cycling climb in the world. There are three directions to summit this beast, with this being from the town of Bormio.




A climb often forgetten when in the Bormio area, but this giant links onto the Stelvio Pass, and absolutely should be on your bucket list.




Starting from Bormio this giant of a climb which regularly features in the Giro d'italia will take you to another world as you climb high into the mountains.


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