Imagine the worlds’ greatest climbs, shone in a new light. To venture into the night and to experience a whole new world. 

Epic Cols is proud to present this series with Moonlight. Friends who make some of the worlds brightest headlamps and who, like us roam the earth to find greatness.

Trollstigen, Norway

Arguably Norway’s most famous road/climb.

This is Episode 1 and the first time Epic Cols has experienced riding at night. Having visited Moonlights HQ which was just minutes away we were able to get their expert advice to select the best setup and to get some night riding tips too. 

Question is, did the mythical Trolls of Trollstigen come out?


Mt Baldy, USA

We move continents to the USA in Episode 2.

Mt Baldy, a legendary climb outside of Los Angeles, regularly featured in the Tour of California—record snow, road closures and no one around. We get to ride, capture and share this beautiful beast at night.


Col du Tourmalet, France

Episode 3

The most ridden climb in the Tour de France, and in 2023 it will be its biggest year ever. The Tour de France, Tour de Femmes and Vuelta Espana using this climb, with the first ever finishes at the summit for the Tour de Femmes and Vuelta Espana.


Imagine being able to ride this iconic climb without seeing a single soul?! Well thats exactly what we experienced. Incredible, and to read and see more click below



The Stelvio Pass, Italy

Episode 4

The world’s most famous road and one we’ve ridden and shared many times. But it does come with its flaws, in the summer months it gets crazy busy and unless you go early the amount of traffic takes away the enjoyment. We set off at night to ride this magnificent road alone.


One final hairpin bend to take you to Alpe d’Huez village


We recommend that you take three lights. One Moonlight Bright As Day 3000 mounted on your handlebars to flood the ride directly infront of you. A second Bright As Day 2000 mounted on your helmet to give you extra vision when looking around corners (light goes where your eyes are looking). Don't forget a super bright rear light for vehicles to see you too.

Whenever we ride, we always carry. Puncture repair kit, pump, phone, money and food. As you're riding at night, be prepared for the temperatures to be much cooler. Better to have an extra layer and be too warm than the other way around. A handlebar bag is a great way to carry additional equipment without having to stuff your jacket pockets.

Moonlight is based in Norway and was founded in 2014. Designed to operate in the harshest Scandinavian conditions, their headlamps are bullet proof. Insanely bright too!

If you can, always ride with a partner at night. For safety but also because its more fun. Ride and share those memories together forever.

Hand on heart, we were astonished how bright their lights were. So bright, that we decided not to use their brightest offering. With the 2000 and 3000 combination we could ride as fast as we would during the day. Wild!

Absolutely! When climbing we had the lights turned down because we wanted to see the stars above and to embrace the night (saves battery too). However during the descent, if you only have one light descend with caution. Make sure you can always clearly see the road ahead. 




The Stelvio Pass needs no introduction. A legend, and the most famous cycling climb in the world. There are three directions to summit this beast, with this being from the town of Bormio.




A climb often forgetten when in the Bormio area, but this giant links onto the Stelvio Pass, and absolutely should be on your bucket list.




Starting from Bormio this giant of a climb which regularly features in the Giro d'italia will take you to another world as you climb high into the mountains.


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