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About Epic Cols

The mountains are one of Earth’s most powerful, beautiful and dangerous places to be. Inhospitable rock formations thrust upwards from the earth’s surface through tectonic movements or millions of tons of molten magma solidify as the earth erupts. Like a magnet, man is attracted. Mesmerised.

For years photographer Daniel Hughes has had an obsession with the mountains with himself scaling some of the world’s toughest and most dangerous. It was a very personal mission but transformative also. The desire to share the world’s most incredible mountains to cycle, to ride to drive or just to be was born.



It was this climb and the desire to share un-sung incredible places to the world which made Hughes feel like he had to undertake this mission. To Find, To Capture and to Share.

Why Epic Cols?

It is hard to ignore the power of the Tour De France, and its ability to make obscure roads/climbs into “the greats” . In French a Col means a pass, and this is similar in many European languages, such as Colle in Italian and Coll in Spanish

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Epic Cols - It's mission

Although started by Hughes, his work is just the foundation to help build a shared community of people who love the mountains. For the community to inspire others to visit some of the world’s most extraordinary places and to give them the helping hand to do it. To share images, To share guides, To share Tips and Tricks and to Share our collective excitement.

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