Epic Cols mountains and clouds logo in white
Overhead view of a purple bike with assorted accessories around it including a saddle


Product of sponsor shimano (gears)

Epic Cols is proud to have Shimano as its title partner. With decades of making industry leading bicycle components, Epic Cols bikes have been equipped with Shimano Di2 Hydraulic groupsets. Seemless shifting, climb power data and unrivalled stopping power on every ride. With decades of making industry

Product of sponsor hed (wheels)

For years world class athletes, Olympic teams and Tour de France riders have been using HED wheels as the ultimate speed weapon. Epic Cols is using the Vanquish RC pro series to the same affect. Fast, lightweight and echoing the same mentality. Maintaining a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Product of sponsor panaracer

The tire, the rider’s connection between the bike and the surface. A choice which isn’t made lightly as not only can it affect the quality of the ride, but also the ability to push the rider and the equipment to the fullest. Epic Cols is using the world class Panaracers Race Evo series to get the most out of every Epic Col.

Product of sponsor rode (camera)

When viewing video, many will say that they will watch video content even if the quality isn’t perfect. They won’t however put up with poor quality sound. All sound for Epic Cols has been recorded using broadcast grade Rode Microphones. The Videomic pro for on the move content and the masterful NTG5 with boom pole for deliberate interview style recordings.

Product of sponsor Orange Seal

Sometimes the inevitable happens you run over something super nasty. No-one wants that to end their ride. Orange seal has a crazy ability to seal and plug huge holes and keep us riding. Eco friendly too!

Product of sponsor peakdesign

Epic Cols; always on the move, utilising the highest grade equipment and often self shooting. All equipment is considered for its form and its function and Peak Design have got the balance between form and function at a perfect equilibrium. Epic Cols is using the Dufflebag, Camera cube and the ingenious carbon travel tripod which offers incredible stability, low weight and most importantly the ability to set up and move on from a shot fast.