Pic du Midi

(Col du Tourmalet)


You've scaled the mighty Col du Tourmalet, and rightly you should be proud. But beyond this iconic climb lies Pic du Midi. A gravel climb that will take your breath away.

The Pic Du midi climb takes you from the summit of Col du Tourmalet up to the Pic Du Midi astronomical observatory at 2877m. Put your gravel tires on, climb Le Col du Tourmalet and brace yourself for epic views and a real workout towards the end.

The start of the climb with Col du Tourmalet in the background.

One of the many tunnels, with one needing you to scramble up and over.

Visual drama from the start.

The first view of the observatory. Your legs are about to get a solid workout with the gradients going to 25% in places.

Gravel switchback heaven. One of my favourite shots i've ever taken as the cloud rolled in below.

Over 20% and the surface is loose. Picking your line your only friend.

To reach the observatory, no gearing ratio will get you there. Some on foot scrambling is required. Mother nature didn't play ball and the observatory was in cloud for over an hour. Clip back in for an epic descent via Col du Tourmalet.