Mt Hamilton

United States

A regular feature in the Tour of California – Mt Hamilton is a stellar climb to the world's first occupied observatory.

With San Jose nestled in-between Mt Hamilton and the equally famous Skyline ridge, the climb starts on the fringes of San Jose. With a steep start at 10% gradient, you ascend quickly above San Jose.

The first 10km – are with big reveals and the gradient averages 5% making for a fast ascent speed.

There are two ridgelines between you and the summit. (Note: the second one feels like you're nearing the summit, but you're far from it). It's up and over the first giving you some momentary leg respite.

The summit in sight, with 600 vertical meters and 15km to go.

Up and over the second ridge for one last fast sweeping descent. From here on in, the gradient steepens and gets its Hors Category badge.

Lick Observatory. 1283m ASL.