Lacets de Montvernier


17 Switchbacks in just 2.5 km. An unforgettable 'short' bolt-on climb.

Enroute via some of France’s most famous climbs such as Croix de Fer, Madeleine and Glandon, Lacets de Montvernier is a single-lane paved road with a set of 17 tightly-knitted switchbacks. Nothing more or less than 8.5% grade that stretches 2.5km, gaining 200m vertical.


In La Plantaz – the base of the climb is on the fringe of the village.

The first turns are under shade and rock, before being exposed on the sheer side of the mountain. Every turn is a testament to incredible engineering.

Nearing the top, a narrow section cutting through rock.

The switchbacks lead to an open alpine meadow and views of the large mountain range in the distance. This climb is a beautiful site, and a bit of fun.