Tigray region


A cycling journey like no other. This doesn't technically fit with the definition of "col" (mountain pass) but it does with the word "EPIC".


Our cycling journey was to take us on a loop, covering 465km and climbing a significant 8387m in just four days. With the majority of the trip above 2000m, the altitude will have quite an effect too.

The city of Makelle.

Our journey takes us in clockwise motion, with the first day taking us north towards the town of Adigrat. We're in for a treat. Riding with the local cycling team, but also to have support from Ethio Cycling Holidays which is a great luxury. First day is 118km.

Squad goals.

Big sweeping switchbacks taking us up towards May Mekden.

What a start to our trip. The climb upto Negash.

Stunning light as we approach the Adigrat.

Sammy and Binyams’ (our guides) faces lit up during our morning brief. They said "you are going to love this", and they weren't wrong. We left Adigrat meandering up towards a summit of 3050m above sea level where the effects of altitude were felt, incredible views and reveals surrounded us as we pedalled towards Axum, our next destination.

Big sweeping reveals which encourage you to pedal faster to see what is around the corner.

Glorious. A section of world class switchbacks to rip down.

This section alone is worth flying out to Ethiopia for.

Final day.