Colle delle Finestre


Part gravel. Entirely epic.

Colle delle Finestra is situated in the Italian Alps at 2178m altitude. It is a tough climb, ascending 1694m in just 18.7km. The 9.5% average gradient is sustained on tarmac and gravel, and at times goes greater than 15%. You will earn this summit view.

From Susa, the first 8km ascends through dense forest on the most incredible set of switchbacks. The narrow road elevating to the high mountain pass links the Susa Valley to Val Chisone – made for military access, there is little vehicular traffic.

Switchback after switchback.

11Km to go, it starts to open (a little). And, the sun can start to filter through the trees.

At 10 km to go, you hit the infamous gravel.

A remote residential farming abode, and it's up and out of the treeline into meadows.

The meandering road bends around the side of the mountain.

The final few kilometres are both stunning and painful.